The Sacrament of Baptism is celebrated on the first and third Sunday of each month after the 10:30 AM Mass.  The parents and godparents are required to have an interview with the pastor and attend a Preparation Class.  Registration can be arranged by calling (413) 323-6272.   Expectant parents are encouraged to attend the class prior to the birth of their baby.


The Sacrament Reconciliation is celebrated on Saturday afternoon from 3:00 PM to 3:45 PM or by contacting the business office for an appointment. First Reconciliation is celebrated during Advent of the 2nd grade year.  Contact the Faith Formation office if preparation is needed.


First Holy Communion 
Children celebrate First Communion in May after a two- year preparation in 1st & 2nd grade religious education classes.  Special arrangements can be made for older children or children with special needs by calling the Faith Formation Office at (413) 323-6272.



The Sacrament of Confirmation is celebrated by 11th grade students and adults in the spring.  High School students must participate in 9th, 10th & 11th grade Generations of Faith classes or go to a Parochial school to attend the Confirmation Preparatory Program.  Adults should contact the Faith Formation Office at (413) 323-6272 for special arrangements.


St. Francis Parish asks that couples intent to marry to contact the business office before any other marriage arrangements are made in order to allow for adequate preparation.


Holy Orders
Those moved by The Holy Spirit with a calling to a "more intimate" consecrated life by dedicating themselves totally to God as a priest, deacon, brother or sister of the Catholic order, should contact Fr. Jack or Deacon Bill at (413) 323-6272, or the Diocese of Springfield Vocations Office at (413) 462-0816.


Anointing the of the Sick
The Second Vatican Council emphasized that this sacrament is meant not only for those who are close to death, but for anyone who is seriously ill.  Please contact our Fr. Jack at [email protected] or (413) 323-6172, to request a visit.


Liturgy of Christian Burial
Arrangement for burial and prayers for the soul of a loved one may be made through your funeral director or by contacting the Parish Office at (413) 323-6272.