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MA Bishops Respond to MA Medical Society's Change in Position on Physician-Assisted Suicide

The Massachusetts Medical Society has changed its position on Physician-Assisted Suicide from one of opposition to one of neutrality. The society's governing board made this change last Friday after more than four hours of debate on the issue, according to an article appearing on

In response to this change, the Roman Catholic bishops of the four dioceses in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts have made the following statement through the Massachusetts Catholic Conference:

This past weekend the Massachusetts Medical Society (MMS) voted to alter their official position on the issue of Physician Assisted Suicide. A vote changing from a position of strongly opposed to Physician Assisted Suicide to one of neutrality is disappointing and sends the wrong message to the citizens of
Massachusetts. The disappointment is magnified given the fact that physicians are trained to care for the ill, not to hasten death. The Catholic Bishops of Massachusetts stand united in our strong opposition to Physician Assisted Suicide. It is an affront to life and a dangerous precedent for determining end of life issues.

For more information about the Church's position on Physician-Assisted Suicide, visit the Massachusetts Catholic Conference's page on the issue by clicking here.