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Parish Child Advocate

Roberta Lojko is the Child Advocate for St. Francis of Assisi Parish. She can be reached by phone at 413-213-0028.


Parish Child Advocate Role and Responsibilities

  • In each parish, the Child Advocate is responsible for ensuring that certain Safe Environment protocols are followed.
  • These protocols are described in the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, Articles 12 and 13.

Child Advocates:

  • Provide training sessions for relevant employees and volunteers;
  • Oversee the completion of all relevant CORIs;
  • Ensure that Codes of Conduct are signed and filed at parish;
  • Maintain records for annual compliance audit.

Documentation kept by Child Advocates:

  • Create master list of all parish personnel;
  • Identify those who will have contact with children, youth and vulnerable adults;
  • Note dates that relevant individuals
    • Complete CORI form
    • Sign Code of Conduct
    • View video/DVD on reporting abuse

Catechetical Leader Role and Responsibilities

Catechetical Leaders (DREs, CREs, AREs):

Catechetical Leaders ensure that religious education programs follow the Safe Environment protocols described in the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, Article 12.

Catechetical Leaders:

  • Distribute prevention curricula to catechists;
  • Ensure that catechists schedule and teach prevention material;
  • Maintain a master list of all children and youth enrolled in Religious Education;
  • Document attendance;
  • File copies of letters sent to parents about prevention material, invitations to meetings, etc.;
  • File parent requests that child not participate in prevention education;
  • Document prevention resources provided to parents of children who do not participate;
  • Document prevention resources provided to parents of new students.