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No heat, no electricity: Bishop warns of new wave of Ukrainian refugees

A Ukrainian bishop warned huge numbers of citizens could flee to Western countries during winter, and he appealed for continued international support in the face of a threatened "humanitarian catastrophe."

Another year of 'limbo on earth' for immigrants, refugees, asylum-seekers

In a year that had little good news for immigrants in a nation of immigrants, there were some wins.

14 Northern California clergy, religious linked for first time to Catholic sex abuse scandal

A window for filing new lawsuits under a 2019 California law for decades-old abuse will close Dec. 31.

Ukraine to examine Orthodox church's links with Russia

Ukraine on Dec. 2 banned the activities of religious organizations "affiliated with centers of influence" in Russia and said it would examine the links between the Ukrainian and Russian Orthodox churches.

Three moral issues facing the lame-duck Congress

Aid to Ukraine, the child tax credit and the debt ceiling are three priorities columnist Michael Sean Winters thinks the lame-duck Congress should address.

García-Siller, archbishop of San Antonio and Uvalde, speaks about a year of tragedies

Catholics in the San Antonio Archdiocese endured a fatal school shooting in Uvalde in May, and the deaths of 53 migrants in June. Archbishop Gustavo García-Siller spoke to NCR on leading a community amid these tragedies.

Letters to the editor on the fall U.S. bishops' meeting

Letters to the editor: Readers respond to NCR's coverage of the U.S. Catholic Conference of Catholic Bishops fall meeting, including our editorial, in which we say that the election of culture warrior Archbishop Timothy Broglio as president is out of step with Pope Francis.

US World Cup team reflects America as it should be

I hope the U.S. soccer team's diversity encourages us to advocate for an immigration system that treats each and every person who seeks a better life here as if they were the biggest soccer stars on earth.  

Editorial: Climate change needs a Catholic 'both/and' solution

We say: There is no denying it — fossil fuels lead to death. But the COP27 negotiators chose to remain attentive to the influence of the fossil fuel industry and to a political culture of instant gratification.

Do we really want to see?

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