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'Don't Look Up' highlights the deep sacramentality of human connection

If "Don’t Look Up" is a mirror, this is what we see in it: We are a deeply distracted people, hypnotized by screens, inclined to argue first and seek facts later, if at all.

Sense of looming success permeates March for Life protest

Arriving by the busloads, thousands of anti-abortion protesters rallied in the nation's capital Friday with a growing sense of optimism that their goal was finally in reach: a sweeping rollback of abortion rights.

Donnelly is confirmed as US ambassador to the Vatican

Catholic lawyer Joe Donnelly of Indiana is the new U.S. ambassador to the Holy See.

Court upholds ruling against two ex-managers of Vatican bank

 A Vatican appellate court rejected the appeal of two former top managers of the Vatican bank who were found liable for mismanagement.  

Archbishop says most bishops see importance of 'Traditionis Custodes'

While the church's prayer should not be a battlefield, Archbishop Roche told Catholic News Service it is understandable that people are passionate about it.

Catholic pro-choice activists project messages onto DC basilica in protest

The liberal group Catholics for Choice staged a protest outside the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception the evening of Jan. 20, projecting messages in support of abortion rights onto the building's walls as an anti-abortion vigil was in progress inside.

Pope vows justice for abuse victims after Ratzinger faulted

Pope Francis vowed to provide justice to victims of clergy sexual abuse.  

Pope declares St. Irenaeus a doctor of the church

Pope Francis officially has declared St. Irenaeus of Lyon a doctor of the church.

EarthBeat Weekly: Laudato Si' is about connection, community as much as carbon footprints

EarthBeat Weekly: Pope Francis' encyclical reminds us our call to care for creation has just as much to do with our relationships with each other, other creatures and God as it does with sustainability.

Wordle reminds us that pleasure has its place, waiting has its benefits

In a world that makes quick and frequent bouts of pleasure and play the norm, Wordle invites us to recognize the virtues of patience and temperance.