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Season of Creation Daily Day 15: On the pulse of this new day

Season of Creation Daily: May You Have the Grace. Maya Angelou opens today's message. In one minute, you'll have time to read her words twice.

At Washington exhibit, the toll of the immigrant journey becomes art

A large part of the exhibit at a Washington museum known as The Phillips Collection, focuses on the emotional toll as well as the dangers of such immigration journeys, and one experienced in modern times by a record 70.8 million around the world, fleeing war, persecution and conflict.

Secular Student Alliance has seen growth at religiously affiliated colleges

Nearly four in 10 young adults ages 18 to 29 are religiously unaffiliated — or nones — and are four times more likely as young adults a generation ago to identify this way, according to a study by the Public Religion Research Institute. Among college students surveyed by Trinity College, 32% identified their worldview as religious; 32% as spiritual; and 28% as secular.

Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time: Rejoice to find what was lost

Scripture for Life: Today, as we pray for a clean heart, Luke teaches us that sharing God's heart will catapult us into prodigal freedom. God's first concern is always for the lost.

Season of Creation Daily Day 14: A return to spiritual simplicity

Season of Creation Daily: A return to spiritual simplicity. The words of Langston Hughes and Pope Francis strike a chord together. Today's message takes a little over a minute. 

South African bishops: Government must protect women, girls from murder

South African bishops called for action to end violence against women after a spate of killings and rapes sparked outrage in a country with one of the world's highest murder rates.

Faith pledges push global fossil fuel divestments over $11 trillion

Faith organizations have been at the middle of momentum to cut financial ties with fossil fuels, a year after the Go Fossil Free campaign set a goal of achieving $10 trillion divested by 2020. 

Missouri investigation: 12 ex-clergy could face prosecution

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt is referring 12 former clergy for potential criminal prosecution after his office completed a 13-month investigation of sexual abuse within the Roman Catholic Church.

New admission by diocese could cost Australian church millions in claims

The Australian Catholic Church could face tens of millions dollars in compensation claims after the Diocese of Ballarat in Victoria state admitted, for the first time, it knew of the behavior of a pedophile priest yet continued to move him around from parish to parish.

Fugitive priest faces sentencing in US sex abuse case

A former Roman Catholic priest is scheduled to be sentenced Friday in Santa Fe, where a jury found him guilty this year of sexually abusing an altar boy in the early 1990s before fleeing the country.