Generations of Faith

Please note that there are changes to our program due to COVID-19.

Generations of Faith Information and Policies

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What is “Generations of Faith”?

A new approach to faith formation that is lifelong and intergenerational. It is intended to serve the whole parish (not just school age children!) as everyone learns and grows together. Parishioners grow in faith as they learn about events in the life of the church and participate in them together.  The program’s goal is:

  • To prepare parishioners for meaningful participation in church events and engage them
  • To guide them in reflecting on the significance and meaning of the events
  • To encourage them to apply the learning in their daily lives as Catholics.


Who can attend?

The program is open to all members of the community!!

  • School age children accompanied by an adult
  • Couples, singles, seniors, college students

We welcome non-Catholic spouses or interested non-Catholic friends or relatives to join us.


What do you mean, “school age children accompanied by parents”?

At least one parent or a “sponsoring” adult (if a parent is unable to participate) needs to attend with the children and teens in a family. Of course we welcome both parents to come if possible. This is the genius of Generations; families learn and grow in faith together, and become more comfortable expressing and living their faith at home and in the community.

PLEASE NOTE: Children and adults are not always together. There may be portions of the program where age groups will be separated from one another, while everyone is learning about the session topic at age appropriate levels. If a parent or surrogate cannot be in attendance, please call the Religious Education Office to arrange for a parish sponsor to accompany the child.


How can we all learn together when our levels of interest, experience , and abilities vary so much with age?

The program will begin with all participants attending the Opening Experience which introduces our theme of study for the day. This is followed by an hour and a half Classroom Experience where age appropriate groupings will occur. Adults with elementary aged children will stay with their children; all other adults will attend their own session. 2nd & 11th grade will meet separately for sacramental participation. All participants will gather again for a Closing Experience to share the lesson learned and prepare for the event to celebrate our learning.


Is the Generations program only comprised of these learning sessions?

No, and that is another wonderful aspect of the program. The learning sessions are coordinated with five experiential sessions to embody the learning sessions in the liturgical life of the church. Each registered family or individual will also receive thematic materials to support continuing education and practice at home. Attendance at the 11 sessions (and Opening Mass) comprise approximately 24 contact hours for our faith formation program and complies with the diocesan requirements for religious education.

Attendance at all sessions is required for full participation in the Generations of Faith program.