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McCarrick removed from priesthood after being found guilty of abuse, solicitation

Pope Francis has confirmed the removal from the priesthood of Theodore E. McCarrick, the 88-year-old former cardinal and archbishop of Washington.

'Confess': Irish artist's exhibit reflects on clergy sex abuse of children

Heartbreak and hope in the face of horrific sin threads through Trina McKillen's installation, currently on exhibit at Loyola Marymount University's Laband Gallery.

Essential lessons for conducting grand jury investigations of clergy sexual abuse

Commentary: Currently, at least 14 attorneys general are investigating clergy abuse of minors in their jurisdiction. As seen with the Pennsylvania grand jury report, future efforts to seek the truth will be undermined as long as the investigations and any resulting reports move forward using faulty practices.

Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time: Priceless blessedness

Scripture for Life: What are we who live in great comfort to make of this presentation of the "good news"? Rather than quibble and wiggle with phrases like "poverty of spirit," we need to face Luke's presentation of the Beatitudes as it is.

Dingell, longest serving member in Congress, recalled at funeral as 'doer'

At a funeral Mass in Washington for former U.S. Rep. John Dingell, former President Bill Clinton said the Democratic congressman should be remembered as "a world-class doer."

Catholic bishops, groups speak against president's national emergency

Catholic bishops voiced opposition just after President Donald Trump's Feb. 15 declaration of a national emergency so he can order construction of a barrier along parts of the border.

How long, O Lord, must we wait to reform the clerical system?

Reform starts with ordinary Catholics because we are the ones who financially support the present failed system. We are complicit in the sins of that system if we are not involved in creating inclusive structures of accountability. 

Welcome Christ present in migrants and refugees, pope urges

Even if Christians struggle to recognize him with his "torn clothes (and) dirty feet," Jesus is present in the migrants and refugees who seek safety and a dignified life in a new land, Pope Francis said.

French police investigate sexual assault claim against Vatican nuncio

Italian Archbishop Luigi Ventura, 74, a Vatican diplomat who once served in Canada, Chile and western Africa, is under investigation by police in Paris for allegedly sexually assaulting a city official.

Virginia's two dioceses release lists of clergy credibly accused of abuse

Virginia's two Catholic bishops, Arlington Bishop Michael Burbidge and Richmond Bishop Barry Knestout, released lists Feb. 13 of the clergy credibly accused of child sex abuse in their respective dioceses.