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Panel confronts abuse crisis, urging care for victims, higher ed reform

During an Oct. 9 discussion at Santa Clara University, panelists called for structural reform, a more pastoral understanding of clerical sex abuse, and an approach based on facts instead of emotion.

Twenty-ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time: Who do you think you are?

Scripture for Life: Today's readings beg the question: "Disciple, just who do you think you are?" The true answer comes from knowing what we seek and the company we keep.

It is never truly enough

Column: I try to do what I can when I can for those I perceive as vulnerable and dehumanized. I go to Mass. I pray. I donate some money. I donate some stuff. I sign some petitions. I share information on social media. I vote. But I truly fear it will be not enough.

'Acknowledging reality,' a splinter church in Kenya ordains married Catholic priests

At the Renewed Universal Catholic Church in Nyeri, in central Kenya, celebratory ululations filled the air last spring after Bishop Peter Njogu ordained three new, married priests.

Tired of war, South Sudanese pray for latest peace deal

During a recent Sunday service, Pastor Jok Chol led the congregation at his Pentecostal church to pray for a sustainable peace after President Salva Kiir and rebel leader Riek Machar signed the latest peace agreement in neighboring Sudan.

San Diego gay church worker resigns after months of harassment

The pastoral associate says that a year and a half of "physical and emotional violence" were taken "to another level" with a break-in and spray-painted slur at St. John the Evangelist.

'Ugly cancer of racism' infects U.S., bishops say in proposed pastoral

"Despite many promising strides made in our country, the ugly cancer of racism still infects our nation," the U.S. bishops say in a proposed pastoral letter on racism.

NCR Podcast: Reporting from Rome on the synod and women's rights

Listen: Joshua J. McElwee and Heidi Schlumpf talk about their recent reporting from Rome on the Synod of Bishops.

Smith dinner's tone lighthearted, but abuse crisis not ignored in remarks

In the current toxic environment where political rivals describe each other as "evil" and "enemies," it is imperative to remember that in America, "our political opponents are not evil, they are just our opponents," according to Ambassador Nikki Haley.

Lawsuit asks Illinois dioceses to release names of accused priests

The six Catholic dioceses in Illinois have been sued for conspiracy to conceal a public hazard because they have not released the names of all priests with credible accusations of sexual abuse and misconduct, including those who have died and those who belong to religious orders.